Hey guys,

I’m not usually one to bitch about suppliers but the service and support I recently received from UK2.NET was so awful that I felt I had to warn others about them.

I use a few different webhosts to provide some insurance to my income – if one server goes down, it doesn’t take down all my websites.

At the end of August, a few of my websites went on my UK2.NET webhost server – just my Drupal websites – due to them not configuring PHP correctly after a reconfiguration. So I logged a call and asked them to fix it.

Their first response was that it was my websites that was the problem, not the server. I went on to explain that as it was affecting all my Drupal websites and I hadn’t made any changes, it must be the server. To cut a long story short, they fixed it after FOUR WHOLE DAYS OF DOWNTIME.

I should have took warning from this experience and moved my websites to a different server there and then but I’m a firm believer in giving everyone a second chance – after all, we all make mistakes.

And then, a few weeks later, the whole server went down. A support ticket was raised on the first day and they didn’t even grace me with a reply or ETA.

More support tickets ensued and by day 3 of downtime I was very annoyed. Even the Live Support was manned by people that had no communication with the engineers and were therefore completely useless. I rang the freephone 0800 support number on their website only to be confronted with a voicemail message telling me I had to ring an expensive 0900 number to speak to someone from support.

They told me they were working on it and would get the server back online as soon as they could.

Day 4 passed, day 5 and day 6 without a resolution. I’d sent them repeated requests to send me backups of my websites so I could get them moved – yeah, I know I should have had my own backups and I’ll put my hands up to being a bit lazy in that regard but backing up 50-odd websites is a bit of a chore.

It wasn’t until day 7 that they sent me backups of my mysql databases, by which time I’d lost an awful lot of money. I even had to tell their support staff where the databases were stored in the filesystem, because they didn’t have a clue how to do it!

I even offered to come and fix the problem for them as they obviously didn’t know what they were doing – they must have rebuilded the RAID array at least 3 times when it was obvious after the first time that this was not fixing the problem. They ignored my offer of help like they did almost every support ticket I raised.

Anyway, after a week I got my websites moved and requested a refund – I was paid up until February 2012. All they offered was 15 days free hosting on a faulty server that they couldn’t fix.

Nearly a month after these problems, the server still isn’t working properly. It’s very flaky and keeps timing out and that’s on the good days when it actually works!

I’ve given up speaking to them. My websites are up and running and earning again and that is my main concern.

One of the most annoying things about this whole rigmarole is that I pay more money to use UK.NET web hosting than any of my other providers.

I thought I was paying for a premium service with a big well-established company. Unfortunately, their support engineers are poorly trained (probably sub-contracted) and their customer service procedures are pathetic.

I won’t be using them again and definitely do not recommend anyone else does.

So who do I recommend? A company called WebHostingBuzz. I’ve used them for around 6 years, had very little downtime and problems have been fixed very quickly by server engineers who know what they’re doing. On top of that, their customer service representatives are polite, courteous and knowledgeable.

If you’re considering purchasing web hosting from UK2.NET, my advice is DON’T. Use WebHostingBuzz instead.

That name again: WEB HOSTING BUZZ :)