Hey guys,

You may remember a while ago, I told you about a couple of guys that draw personalised caricatures from photos you send them.

I shared with you the awesome experience I had with them and the high quality of the custom caricature they did for me (here’s the original article).

Anyway, I used them again today to get a parting gift for one of my buddies who is leaving to live and work overseas for a year and he absolutely loved it :)

This time around, though, I got a cool 10% discount on my order – and you can, too,by following the steps below:

  1. CLICK HERE to visit the website (opens in a new browser window/tab)
  2. Order your custom caricature
  3. When you get to the checkout, enter the discount code SUMMER10.
Unfortunately the offer ends on July 31st 2011 so you’ll have to place your order within the next few weeks.
Have a great weekend :)