Hey guys,

I recently purchased George Brown’s Google Sniper 2.0 and was very impressed with the system, so I thought I’d write a short review on the product. Click here if your looking for the Official Google Sniper website.

So, what is Google Sniper? Well, it’s a system for making money from the Internet by selling products/services in exchange for an affiliate commission.

Anyone that has tried out affiliate marketing in the past knows that a large chunk of your time is spent generating traffic and getting visitors/potential buyers to your website – the beauty of Google Sniper is that it completely removes almost all traffic generation/backlink building and relies primarily on on-site SEO and keyword research.

The techniques used are also very quick and very easy to implement and because you don’t have to spend very much time marketing your website, you can pump out lots of websites in no time at all.

So, what’s included in Google Sniper? The primary content is in PDF e-book form, and is backed up by a load of videos divided into modules. The videos are all of very good quality and compliment the ebook exceedingly well – it is a lot easier to comprehend the methods when you see George walking through the system step-by-step.

One of the great things about this system, is that George provides amazing after-sales support to all of his customers. He regularly emails me with details of new tools and techniques he’s discovered and the Google Sniper members area has a collection of exclusive new videos that is being added to regularly. Video topics in the members area include using social media and outsourcing as George encourages his clients to build their own Internet empire using the Google Sniper system.

Also, recently, all Google Snipers were invited to free webinar, where we had the opportunity to ask George questions and expand our knowledge further.

So, does it work? To experiment with the Google sniper system, around six weeks ago I set up 3 websites. The first took about 3 hours to set up, the following two only took about an hour, so around 7 hours work overall.

Success varied:

  • The first website has earned me $90 (6x $15 sales)
  • The second has earned me $20 (2x $10 sales)
  • The third website has earned me nothing.

So, that’s $110 revenue, minus around $60 for the domain names and $15 for hosting = $35 profit (nearly enough to cover the $47 cost of Google Sniper itself).

Of course, I’m sure if I did a little backlink-building and marketing on these websites, I could increase their profitability - and of course this is just six weeks of results, so over the course of the year, these websites should easily cover their costs.

Good Points

  • The system works!
  • There’s loads of unadvertised extras
  • It’s easy to do.

Bad Points

  • One or two of the techniques are a little outdated (obviously the legacy of Google Sniper 1.0) – they still work but not half as well as they used to
  • George has a habit of saying ‘okay’ an awful lot in his videos, which grates on me a little lol

A Warning: When you purchase Google Sniper, you are also offered a free trial of Sniper X, which are supplemental resources providing advanced sniping tactics.

This costs a further $47 every month and although the content is top-notch quality, I think it’s quite expensive at over $600 a year.

It’s worth getting the free trial to check out the info that’s in there but if you don’t want to pay out every month, be sure to cancel it within a month.


In my opinion, Google Sniper 2.0 is great value for money – there’s every chance you will earn your money back within a couple of months of using the system. Plus with all the added extras, even after going through the base materials, there’s loads more to learn afterwards.

Click here to check out Google Sniper 2.0