In this Doctor Who post, I want to attempt to reveal everything we know about The Silence (Silents) from episode 1 of the new series and the recurring meme centred around Silence. There’s probably stuff I’ve missed, so feel free to use the comment box below to add any of your own observations :)

Silent  (Doctor Who)

Silent (Doctor Who)

The Silence are a new alien race that invaded Earth centuries ago and have built networks of tunnels beneath the Earth’s crust.

They stand about 7 foot tall and have bulbous grey heads. Their eyes are sunk deep into their eye sockets and they only appear to have mouths when they are attacking someone.

They have large hands consisting of a thumb, a large finger and a second finger and wear black suits, white shirts and black ties (a Men in Black reference?). Their appearance has been compared by Moffat to the painting The Scream by Edward Munch.

The Scream by Edward Munch

The Scream by Edward Munch

The Silence have the power to destroy humans by harnessing a bolt of lightening from their ‘fingers’ which reduces their targets to a pile of ash and tattered rags. It takes a few seconds to charge before they can release the bolt and whilst they are charging it creates interference with other electrical objects such as lights.

Perhaps their scariest power is the ability to make anyone that sees them immediately forget the encounter as soon as they turn away. This means that if someone does see them, they can never remember doing so.

It appears that The Silents are using the same technology that the Doctor and his companions first encountered in the Series 5 episode The Lodger. Check out the similarities in the picture below:

Spaceship (The Impossible Spaceman & The Lodger)

Spaceship (The Impossible Spaceman & The Lodger)

In The Lodger, the Doctor describes this ship as someones attempt to build a TARDIS.

Of course, the spaceship in The Lodger also included a perception filter (similar to the TARDIS) so that nobody could see it, however the one in The Impossible Spaceman did not.

After re-watching The Lodger, there’s also a couple of strange happenings when Amy is apparently alone in the TARDIS. After finishing a conversation with the Doctor, she turns her head slightly and says:

“Hey, I don’t know about you but that’s not how I end conversations, even with centuries-old aliens.”

And a little later on she steps back and seems to be saying to someone:

“Hey, hang on!”

Could it be that there’s a Silent or someone else on board the TARDIS with her?

Here’s a pic of what the ship looks like from the outside:

TARDIS-like ship from The Lodger

TARDIS-like ship from The Lodger

There are also a number of references from other episodes of series 5 that may or may not be related to the Silent aliens, most notably the recurring meme:


This was first uttered by prisoner zero in the episode The Eleventh Hour and in The Big Bang, an unidentified voice says the same words.

Could this be a reference the Doctor defeating The Silence? Or perhaps a reference to The Silence taking over Planet Earth?

Also, maybe the voice is actually saying:


as they both sound very similar.

Other subtle references to silence are included in Abigails song in A Christmas Carol and Amy and Rory hearing silence in The Vampires of Venice.

There’s obviously some relationship between The Silence and the Spaceman in The Impossible Spaceman but it’s difficult to ascertain exactly what.

And presumably the spaceman is also the little girl that was phoning President Nixon – or maybe they’re two separate entities?

In the pic below, it appears as though the spaceman/little girl and The Silence are on the same side:

The Impossible Spaceman and The Silence

The Impossible Spaceman and The Silence

But how does that relate to the fact that the little girl was trying to warn President Nixon and the others about the ‘monsters’? Maybe they aren’t one and the same person/alien.

And what is the significance of the 1960s spacesuit? It can’t be for life support because the pic below clearly shows a bullet hole in it (where Amy shot it):

Bullethole in The Impossible Spaceman's Helmet

Bullethole in The Impossible Spaceman's Helmet


A lot of questions that I don’t have the answers to, I’m afraid lol.

My head hurts now so I’d love to hear your thoughts and addendum’s below :)

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